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On this page you'll find some teishos given by Fr. AMA Samy in Bodhizendo which are recorded by video. Here is the 2017 catalogue of newer available videos of AMA Samy: Download Video Catalogue 2017

You can order all of these videos in Bodhizendo. The price of a video DVD is:  RS 500 / EURO 8 / USD 9 / GBP 6 (postage included). Please mail your  request (= number of DVD) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and don't forget to give your postal address!


Film about Fr. AMA Samy and Bodhizendo

Zen and the art of Compassion - A film for the Netherlands TV from Pat van Boeckel



Teisho about the Zen Way

Video DVD 04, 10-JAN-15

AMA Samy talks about different dimensions of life in comparison with the stages of Ox-herding pictures. Human beings have got developmental stages – beginning, middle, end etc. In every stage we are affected physically, intellectually, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually etc. The world puts conditions; but the basic foundation is unconditional acceptance.

Teisho on “Nansen kills the cat”

A teisho given by Johannes Fischer on 08-Jan-2016 in Bodhizendo, India.


ama samy teishos

Video DVD: Teishos by Fr. AMA Samy

Six teishos by Fr. AMA Samy on video DVD, held during sesshins in Bodhi Zendo at december 2005 / january 2006.
In english language, for DVD player with PAL video system. Costs Euro 18,- plus mailing expenses. Avails are benefits to Little Flower. Please order by e-mail: Helga Braun This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

09.   Cannot Get Wet; Cannot Get Dry                18-FEB-15

It is about the stone in the sea of Ise.  One side of the stone it is written, cannot get wet; on the other side, cannot get dry.  AMA SAMY explains it in an entirely different perspective - the perspective of the Heart.  Your heart cannot get wet; it is boundlessly open.  And it cannot get dry; it is all the time in contact with the world.