Bodhisangha teacher in Europe

Johannes Fischer 2Johannes Fischer was born in 1957 in Calw, a small town in the German Black Forest. His parents had found a new home there after World War II. Their experiences of war, uprooting, and escape influenced his life and sharpened his views on the human drama and the abysses of human nature.

After graduating from high school he served in the military for two years with subsequent conscientious objection. He studied theology and philosophy and got involved in the peace movement and human rights causes. In 1983, he entered the Jesuit order where he continued to be engaged in social and political projects. For example, he started a vaccination project in the slums and poor rural areas of the Philippines. In Germany, he did social work for asylum seekers and founded and managed a refugee help desk. Later he ran a community-oriented Caritas facility for children, youths, and families in a social hotspot.

Coaching and assistance became increasingly important to him. After training in integrative Gestalt therapy, he ran a counseling center. He still offers psychotherapy in private practice today with a specialty working with people who follow a spiritual path. After life- and businesscoach training he started to coach leaders and managers. This has become a second focus of attention to him.

As a member of the Jesuit order, he lived Ignatian spirituality and took to the contemplative path of Franz Jalics for some years but was missing a dimension which he found in Zen. In Zen he experienced a "coming home." He became a student of Fr. Ama Samy SJ, who authorized him to teach Zen in 2010. He received transmission in 2012 and was appointed as independent Zen master in 2013 when he was given the name "Clear Light Bodhi Zen."

Johannes is grateful to the Jesuit order for helping him to adopt an international outlook, to perceive the shadows of society, and to think in different dimensions. This context allowed him to discover various spiritual paths from within. After many years, he left the order and is now married to a wonderful wife. Zen is his true calling. It is with great joy that he hands on the Zen way's depth and freedom.

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