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Mini sesshin with Gert Lüderitz in Stockholm, October 2–3

The Swedish Sangha is hoping for the possibility of a Corona-safe sesshin in Stockholm in October 2021. We are planning for a mini-sesshin / zazenkai led by the German Zenmaster Gert Lüderitz. Gert was appointed Zenmaster in 2018 by his Indian teacher Father Ama Samy.

Time & place:

Saturday–Sunday October 2–3 in central Stockholm. (Exact localities not yet decided.)


Zazen, kinhin (walking meditation), dokusan (individual meeting with the teacher) and teisho (speech by the teacher). Silence during the whole minisesshin.

There will only be room for a limited number of participants on account of the Corona-situation. No accommodation can be offered, you have to fix your own housing.


1000 Swedish crowns. Registration fee: 300 Swedish crowns, which should be paid when you register – before September 15th.

Arranged by the Swedish Bodhi-Zendo Association in cooperation with Zenvägen Association.


Information and registration: 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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October 2–3