Spending time in a Zen training centre

Each day at Bodhi Zendo begins and ends with group meditation (zazen). Also during the day, we are meditating together (6 x 25 minutes). After breakfast, we share some work in the house and the garden (samu), but also quite good South Indian meals and leisure time, providing the opportunity for studies and use of the extensive library. Several hours of each day are compulsory silence periods. The schedule is mandatory for all visitors. Besides collective meditation there are daily private interviews (dokusan), where visitors can talk about their spiritual practice or koan work with Fr. AMA Samy.

The library is open to all residents of Bodhi Zendo. It is well equipped and specialized in human sciences, comparative religions, theology, spirituality, meditation and Zen studies. Books include best-selling titles as well as scholarly works. In addition, a number of journals, bulletins and magazines related to the above fields of study are available. Audio cassettes, videos and CDs of talks, music and so on are also available. 

  • Introduction: If you intend to participate in an extended Sesshin of several days but are not experienced, we suggest attending a mini sesshin first during which you will be familiarized with the techniques of Zazen.

  • Day of silence: Every Wednesday is a day of complete silence.

  • Mini sesshin (short Zen retreat): At the beginning of each month a mini sesshin of three days duration takes place (Thursday to Sunday).

  • Sesshin (intensive Zen retreat): Every 4 - 6 weeks an intensive Zen retreat takes place. The duration of a Sesshin is 5 days and takes place in complete silence. You should have some experience in Zen meditation before participating in a full Sesshin. During Sesshins, Fr. AMA Samy gives lectures about Zen called teishos, some transcriptions of which can be viewed on this site. Please register in advance for any sesshin! For dates of sesshins and mini sesshins, please refer to Sesshin timetable

  • Free day on Thursday (recommended: morning Zazen by oneself)

  • Eucharist (optional): Sunday, Thursday and on feasts