Getting there

Bodhi Zendo is situated in Tamil Nadu, South India, in the upper Palani Hills at an altitude of about 1700 m, about 100km north-west of Madurai (National Airport). The nearest village is Perumalmalai, the nearest town is the hill resort of Kodaikanal (15 km). The closest international airports are Chennai and Trivandrum, the closest local airport is Madurai (from there, 108 km by taxi to Bodhi Zendo).

You can reach Bodhi Zendo with the following means of travel:

  • To International airport Chennai (India), from there: flight to Madurai
    With different flight companies to Chennai. From Chennai International Airport, several domestic flights go to Madurai.

  • Or to International airport Dubai (Vereinigte Arabische Emirate), from there: flight to Madurai
    To Dubai with Emirates and from Dubai, daily flights with the Indian Spicejet go to Madurai.

  • Or to International airport Trivandrum (India), from there: train to Madurai
    If you want to stay by the sea before or after your stay at Bodhi Zendo, Trivandrum is a comfortable option. We recommand a guest house of a sangha member, Kin Hin Centre in Pachalloor. Free meditation, Hatha Yoga classes and massage treatments are also available.

From Madurai it is a 3 hour taxi ride to Bodhi Zendo, which costs about 3000 rupees. We recommand, especially for women, to ask the Bodhizendo office to send you a taxi which is safer and also cheaper. You can also take a bus from Madurai to Kodaikanal and a taxi from Kodaikanal to Bodhi Zendo. Walking the hill from Perumalmalai bus station is not recommanded, especially for new guests.

Google map of South India